• Proven CAVEX® gearing in combination with highly efficient planetary gear unit
  • ATEX (optionally)
  • Extremly compact design
  • Self-locking (optionally)
  • High transmission variance

For decades, CAVEX® gear units have been synonymous with sophisticated technology that stands out for its durability. With the development of CAVEX®planetary, we continue to optimize CAVEX® technology and offer you convincing arguments for its use:

Compact - thanks to the innovative combination of worm and planetary gear units, we have succeeded in developing a more compact gear unit with high torque. Compared to similarly powerful gear units, this results in a volume saving of up to 70%.

Efficient - with original CAVEX® gear sets and the unique combination with an efficient planetary gear unit, our new development achieves the highest efficiencies.

Flexible - with additional options we can offer you a tailor-made solution. For example, CAVEX®planetary is available in ATEX version and self-locking gearing.

Our new benchmark in price and performance!